808 Raleigh Road

Beginning in 1928, as one of the earliest homes on many adjoining acres, the unspoiled natural setting can be glimpsed through rustic entry gates on Raleigh Road. This property was a pivotal parcel in the subdividing for later neighboring homes, and marked the commencement of construction for many more contemporary homes to the south. For example, the Krasbergs, who purchase this property after several earlier owners, then built the adjacent mid-century modern house (800 Raleigh). The location and placement has been considered as characteristic of English Country style. But the most notable feature -- visible only from the Riverfront -- is the extensive use of rough stone. Moreover, the corner doorway in the lower cylindrical "tower," with a steep conical roof is also viewed to reflect Norman farmhouses in northwestern France (Granacki). The rear view shown in the photo precedes a recent planned "clerestory" addition.

Architectural Style
English Country

Date(s) of Construction